On account of the Peace Day, NUST University under the supervision of the Centre for International Peace and Stability (CIPS) and supported by UNIC held a talk which was followed by a peace walk on September 25, 2018. The walk was all-inclusive; participants included the Principals of NUST Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (NIPCONS), reps of schools, deans, faculty members, and many boys and girls of different schools within the NUST Campus. UN representative in Pakistan and visiting Kazakhstan delegation to CIPS also participated in the celebration/walk. The walk was followed by an exhibition of Pakistan’s contribution to peace around the world.
   On the following day, September 26, CIPS organized an educative, enlightened, and constructive seminar. The seminar’s discussions were tailored to encouraging peaceful and inclusive societies. The seminar underscores both normative and structural forms of peace and its pertinence for sustainable development and more importantly shows that a nation devoid of peace is deprived of many things.
Speakers at the International Peace seminar offered thought-provoking ideas to take home for further rumination. The speakers presented both theoretical and empirical handy details on all four sessions:
  • From Conflict to Peace: Where we are?
  • Pluralism, Tolerance, and the role of Gender towards Peace
  • De-radicalisation of society
  • The commitment of Pakistan Army to Peace in the Region
The seminar obviously resonates with the cardinal objective of the CIPS, which is to meaningfully contribute to the discourse of peace and generate pragmatic measures to ensuring peace at home and around the world.